SM ballbusting video with real couples

Do you think that you have what it takes to endure one of the most vicious and painful ball busting experiences around? You’ll buckle under the pressure as your testicles are smashed to bits.
Have you had a long day at work? I imagine that when you come home, you can’t stop telling your partner how much your boss is breaking your balls. Well now you are about to experience what it really means to undergo testicle torment, because I am going to use every tool I can to put your balls into a world of pain.
I’m going to start by blindfolding you, and then I will wrap your cock in rope so that you cannot escape with any form of arousal. As you are stretched and torn to shreds, I will slap and squeeze your balls until you beg for mercy. If you think you know what suffering is now, wait until I get my favorite toy out for this very special ballbusting occasion.

Two babes like to smash your balls

Tabitha and Jessica are a couple of kinky ladies dressed in latex and they just love having fun with a fellow's balls. The good-looking ladies enjoy being a part of a nice ball busting session especially when wearing their nice high heels.
We are going to be kicking you in the balls really hard. You have been a very bad boy so you need to be taught a lesson. Our shoes are very heavy so that is going to make this experience even more memorable. There are two of us so you are not going to have a chance to rest between the kicks.
After we are done kicking we will start kneeing you in the nuts. We are even going to do it at the same time so you can grasp the full concept of pain. Both of us just love playing this fun game with your jewels. It is really turning us on. Her heel is perfect for stomping your pulsating balls. This is going to turn them blue and you are going to feel them in your stomach. Since you are a pathetic loser you don't deserve anything else from hot chicks like us.
- Tabitha and Jessica

Topless Rapture kicking his balls

Do you know why they call me Rapture? I'll give you a clue - it's not because I go easy on the slaves that I entertain. You best be ready for some serious ballbusting.
You seem so excited and happy to be here, but I think that if you knew the truth about my powers and what I'm going to do to you, there wouldn't be such a big smile on your face. See, Rapture has one aim, and that's to ensure that your balls are completely smashed by the time we're done here today.
So do me a favor and open those legs up wide for your mistress. She's going to ensure that your useless pair of nuts are well and truly abused to the point where you'll be begging for mercy. When I'm through with you, it'll be hard to breathe, let alone think about resisting my commands and ballbusting desires.
- Rapture & Dante

Enchantress Sahrye ball busting tease

Enchantress Sahrye believes that when it comes to the bedroom experience, there is nothing better than a guy who loves to get kicked in the nuts. Will you take the ballbusting punishment she wants to dish out?
I love it when a guy opens his legs and lets me take a good, hard swing at his ball sack. The feeling I get when I feel his testicles recede as I make contact is unlike anything I have felt before. How about you stand up like a good boy and open up wide, so I can take a long, hard shot to both of your little balls?
I have such beautiful, powerful legs and nothing satisfies the desire of knowing that than making a guy keel over because he’s in so much pain. I want the color to drain from your face as you feel my perfect foot make contact with your testicles. I wonder just how useless can I make your stupid little nuts with one swift kick.
- Enchantress Sahrye

Nikki Delano loves kicking balls

You're a pathetic piece of trash and Nikki Delano plans to treat you as such. She might look tame, but just wait until your balls are getting busted to kingdom come by this hardcore dominatrix.
You're useless, you make me sick and I wish I'd never met you. You know, I have days where I just feel like kicking a guy in the balls, and today I'm going to make that fantasy become a reality with you. I cannot wait to absolutely destroy your testicles with my shoes - you'll have a hard time walking once I'm done here.
That's it, you crawl around on the floor like the pathetic slug you are. Cry as much as you can - it's not going to make a blind bit of difference. When I set myself the task of busting balls, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not going to stop until you're taught a valuable lesson in respect and humility.
- Nikki Delano & Dante

Raven Rae from

Skinny babe Raven Rae looks so innocent until she uses her legs to make a kinky fellow's balls blue. This stunning mistress loves busting nuts and she knows how to make them throb from unimaginable ache.
I hear you can stand a lot of pain and I find that kind of intriguing. I also learned that you have a fetish of having your balls busted. I can do that. I can do that really well. I also think you should be careful what you wish for because I am going to kick your balls so hard. But I want to make sure that you are nice and hard so you are super sensitive.
Just imagine that all of a sudden I kick you! Without any warning. Was that one hard? Well, that is the point. I am going to kick you over and over again until you feel incredible pain overwhelming your body. Is the image of me making your testicles blue turning you on? Do you want more? Don't worry there is plenty of kicks for you to come. I could do this all day long. You are just lucky I have a strong kick.
- Raven Rae

Princess Anna ballbusting video clip

Princess Anna thinks that for today’s adventure, you should be punished. She knows that keeping you locked up in a chastity cage is eventually going to stop working, so it’s time for some ballbusting.
You have such a nasty little cock, and your perverted ways are getting out of control. We are going to practice a form of chastity known as ballbusting. That means you have to punish yourself as I watch on and instruct you. When we are finished with our little adventure, your poor little balls will never want to be touched again.
Take a hold of your nuts and squeeze. Tighter, I want to see you wince and cry as you realize what a loser you are. Now put your hands above your head and let them drop toward your balls. Go harder, now. Slam your fist into your little mincy faggot balls and show me how much of a man you are. Can you take the ballbusting pain, you little slave?
- Princess Anna

Orias ballbusting

You don't want to be in Orias' way when she loses her temper since this hot redhead can make a man's nut sack blue with her great legs. Kicking fellow's balls is what this stunning chick enjoys doing more than anything.
What are you looking at, little man? Don't even act like you are worth any of my time. I think you deserve a nice kick between your legs. Oh, did that hurt? Well, I am not sorry since I don't feel terrible about kicking a pathetic loser like you in the balls. Why are you holding your stomach? I bet you can feel those nuts in there, pulsating from all the pain. I did not even kick you that hard, I mean, look at these tiny little slender legs of mine. How much pain can they actually inflict?
Now, let's see if you are actually enjoying this. Spread your legs again and let me treat you to another portion of ache. Oh, you dropped on your knees. I guess you really are enjoying me stomping your testicle with my nice black heels. Maybe you have brought this on yourself. Did you ever think about that?
- Orias

Terra Mizu in bullbusting action

When Terra Mizu has something on her mind, she will make it come true. Just like this ball busting session she has prepared for her naughty slave. This hot chick with glasses has a strong kick which will make a guy's balls throb from all the pain.
I don't like the way this is going so maybe I should teach you a lesson. You look like a weak type of a man so why don't you go ahead and spread your legs for me, put your hands behind your back and hold still because this is going to hurt a lot.
You like being kicked in the balls, don't you? I am going to rip you apart with my nice shoes. How about I ram my high heel up your nuts? You are just a pathetic loser who likes to get his testicles kicked in. Oh, this kick was not hard enough; let me try one more time. Don't even try and beg me to stop because we are playing by my rules and I don't feel like stopping anytime soon. How does it feel to be emasculated by a woman? I am really enjoying this, I must say.
- Terra Mizu

Samantha Grace Ball Squeezing

Samantha Grace is a devilishly sexy fetish babe who loves pushing guys to their absolute limit. Don’t push your luck with this busty brunette vixen or she will definitely make you regret being born a man.
What’s the matter, loser boy? Am I squeezing your tiny little balls a bit too hard? I thought you said you could take all the punishment I could dish out but it looks like you were wrong, huh? That’s OK, I’ll let them go now. JUST KIDDING! Now I’m just going to have to squeeze those nuts even harder.
Can you feel it? If I squeeze just a little bit harder your balls are going to pop. You are now completely under my control and will do exactly what I tell you if you ever want to be able to reproduce. God I love busting the balls of pathetic losers like you. That look on you face is just priceless.
- Samantha Grace

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