Hollis Ireland Heather Silk Ballbusting

Hollis Ireland and Heather Silk are two gorgeous fetish babes who delight in dealing out terrible pain. Don’t push these two babes because if you do they are going to find out what your outer limit for pain is.
Eww, gross! Look at those disgusting nuts just hanging there like a couple of rotten pieces of fruit. There is nothing we like better than smashing a guy’s nuts until he is just a whimpering mass on the floor, writhing in pain. Why don’t we find out just how much pressure those nasty little balls of yours can take?
How does that feel you little bitch? Look at him, I barely even squeezed his balls and he is already about to puke from the pain. We haven’t even started yet because once we give you balls a few nice squeezes we are going to move on to kicks, and we even brought over a couple pairs of nice and pointy high heels for the occasion.
- Hollis Ireland and Heather Silk

Natalie Laine Ballbusting Kicks

Natalie Laine is a real world class hottie with an appetite for kinky sex that you won’t believe. This hot and busty fetish babe Natalie Laine always gets her way, so just man up and take the pain because there is no stopping this kinky bitch.
I have been looking forward to this all day long. All day at the office all I could think about was coming home tonight and busting your tiny pathetic little balls. I’ve been stressing out all week and I need to have a good time, and there is nothing I love more than punishing your nuts.
Take off your pants, put on these handcuffs, and spread those legs. Just the look of your saggy wrinkled ball sack make me want to take it in my hands and just squeeze until you scream like a little girl. By the time I get done smashing your nuts they are going to be so swollen and bruised you going to have to take a week off work just to heal.
- Natalie Laine

No mercy ballbusting torturing movie clip

When you enter her lair, you will enter a new mental state of being where pain and misery are completely redefined. Your limits will be stretched as your testicles are submitted to hardcore ballbusting torment.
Take off your clothes, you stupid cunt. I want you completely naked like the useless submissive slave you are. I’m going to treat your testicles to the vilest and sadistic forms of punishment they have ever endured. When all is said and done, you’ll be lucky if you can ever cum again.
Sit on the cross and let me introduce you to my ballbusting toys. This one is a weight; it acts as a way to keep your testicles dangling low. It looks amazing as it hangs between your legs, only held up by your poor, damaged balls. Now I’m going to take them in my hands and crush them until you beg for mercy, a request that I will never grace.

Hollis Ireland Heather Ballbusting

Hey there you little ballbusting bitch!  Are you ready for your daily abuse?
We are going to put you in so much excruciating pain but don't worry- we'll get a good laugh out of it haha.  We love kicking that little part of a man's body that hurts him the most.
We've been working out our legs too and we know how sensitive your balls are.  We want to hear your whimper each time when we deliver swift kicks to your groin!  If you think ballbusting you with our bare feet is bad wait until we put on your steel-toed boots and deliver crushing blow after crushing blow.  You're balls will explode!
- Heather & Hollis Ireland

Goddess Deanna Ballbusting

Your balls were made to be kicked. There's no better feeling in the world for me than to kick you square in the balls and watch you drop to the floor in pure agony.
I will laugh hysterically while you try to gather yourself. I'll pull you right back up and kick you even harder with these boots. Just imagine how much that's going to hurt. Your balls will be up into your stomach in no time!
- Deanna Storm

Jolene Hexx for Smashing Your Balls

Angry Mistress Jolene Hexx wants to inflict pain on her slave's balls. This hot brunette sex bomb in high boots is ready to treat a fellow to an amazing ball busting session which is going to be very hard to forget.
You are such a pathetic loser and you should know that I really hate you. In fact, the hatred goes so deep that I want to hurt you.
When I get bored I think of injuring you by kicking you in the nuts. Over and over again since I think you are not good for anything else. Actually, you deserve to be kicking between your legs quite often.
Now spread them and wait for my sexy boot to collide with your nut sack so hard that you will see a flesh of light. Believe me, I have so much pent up anger in me that I can make your throbbing balls and cock fall off when I am done with them. I enjoy watching you bend over in agony. I am going to take my knee and shove it in your groin because you do not deserve anything else. My heel looks so good while smashing those pulsating testicles.
- Jolene Hexx

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