Hardcore ball busting action and penis torture

These two sadistic women have one thing in mind: punishment. Their desire to bring you to the very brink of pain will make you question your desire for sexual gratification. These two dominatrices do not mess around.
Lick my boots you pathetic man whore. Get on your knees and run your tongue all up and down my perfect leather straps. Take your time – there is no need to rush. Believe us, you should go as slow as possible, because what comes next will almost certainly be undesirable. That is unless you just love your balls being busted.
Your balls are going to be so bruised and battered when all is said and done. We think that your chances of being able to reach orgasm – let alone produce sperm – is going to be pretty nonexistent once we’re through here. You are our slave and there is only one thing you need to remember: what we demand, you do. No questions asked and absolutely no hesitation.
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Rene Phoenix Ballbusting


Rene Phoenix might look like a cute innocent blonde hottie, but once you get behind closed doors you will find out just how much of a freak she really is. Get ready for a wild ride because Rene Phoenix is as kinky as they come.
We are going to do a little experiment tonight. We are going to find out just home much pain you can take before you beg for mercy. I have done some stuff to you that would make a lesser man beg for mercy, but I think you can take even more. Are you man enough to take me busting your balls?
First I am going to start off easy by just squeezing your balls a little bit. That should get them nice and sensitive for what comes next. Then I am going to start kicking. One after another, the kicks are just going to get harder and harder until you fucking break. We’re going to see just what you outer limit of pain really is.
- Rene Phoenix

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Hollis Ireland Heather Silk Ballbusting


Hollis Ireland and Heather Silk are two gorgeous fetish babes who delight in dealing out terrible pain. Don’t push these two babes because if you do they are going to find out what your outer limit for pain is.


Eww, gross! Look at those disgusting nuts just hanging there like a couple of rotten pieces of fruit. There is nothing we like better than smashing a guy’s nuts until he is just a whimpering mass on the floor, writhing in pain. Why don’t we find out just how much pressure those nasty little balls of yours can take?

How does that feel you little bitch? Look at him, I barely even squeezed his balls and he is already about to puke from the pain. We haven’t even started yet because once we give you balls a few nice squeezes we are going to move on to kicks, and we even brought over a couple pairs of nice and pointy high heels for the occasion.



-Hollis Ireland and Heather Silk

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No mercy ballbusting torturing movie clip

When you enter her lair, you will enter a new mental state of being where pain and misery are completely redefined. Your limits will be stretched as your testicles are submitted to hardcore ballbusting torment.

Take off your clothes, you stupid cunt. I want you completely naked like the useless submissive slave you are. I’m going to treat your testicles to the vilest and sadistic forms of punishment they have ever endured. When all is said and done, you’ll be lucky if you can ever cum again.
Sit on the cross and let me introduce you to my ballbusting toys. This one is a weight; it acts as a way to keep your testicles dangling low. It looks amazing as it hangs between your legs, only held up by your poor, damaged balls. Now I’m going to take them in my hands and crush them until you beg for mercy, a request that I will never grace.
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Natalie Laine Ballbusting Kicks


Natalie Laine is a real world class hottie with an appetite for kinky sex that you won’t believe. This hot and busty fetish babe Natalie Laine always gets her way, so just man up and take the pain because there is no stopping this kinky bitch.
I have been looking forward to this all day long. All day at the office all I could think about was coming home tonight and busting your tiny pathetic little balls. I’ve been stressing out all week and I need to have a good time, and there is nothing I love more than punishing your nuts.
Take off your pants, put on these handcuffs, and spread those legs. Just the look of your saggy wrinkled ball sack make me want to take it in my hands and just squeeze until you scream like a little girl. By the time I get done smashing your nuts they are going to be so swollen and bruised you going to have to take a week off work just to heal.
- Natalie Laine

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Danica Logan Kenna Valentina Double Ballbusting


Danica Logan and Kenna Valentina are two dark brunette vixens who love inflicting pain on big strong men. If you have what it takes to withstand the pain these two fetish babes can dish out, consider yourself a real bad motherfucker.
Guess what time it is? It’s ball busting time! But this time I brought a friend and we are going to take turns busting your balls. We are really going to take our time and make it last all night if we can. The ball busting isn’t going to stop until neither one of us can lift our legs any more from all the kicking and kneeing.
Hey, let’s make a bet. I’ll bet you that I can make him scream like a little girl first. Whoever actually makes him squeal like a little bitch gets to have him all to themselves for ten minutes. But then after that we are going to have to trade off again. We don’t want to tire ourselves out too quick, we want the pain to last all night long.
- Danica Logan & Kenna Valentina

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